E-Lawyers go to the Cloud


What is the Cloud?
Most likely there are no people who haven’t heard about cloud technology, but not so many have asked themselves about what exactly is that? The cloud is an information technology and software applications that allow keeping data stored remotely, or separate from the device being used, and can be accessed securely by using the internet connection from anywhere.

Most relevant examples, familiar to most of us are Google Drive or Dropbox. You have 24/24 access to your files and data from any computer or device if you have an internet connection and you are logged into your account. So, you don’t need anymore to keep your files and data on physical hard disk on your computer or carry it in your bag.

How can Lawyers use the Cloud?
Using the cloud technology lawyers can store their files online, and be all the time able to access that information from anywhere as office, home or being far in another country on vacation, and react immediately on some important issues having internet connection.

When it comes to online storage, there are two main options. First one is a type of cloud that simple uploading, storage and online backup for documents. Pretty often this tool is sufficient for many lawyers. Others require a more sophisticated approach, such as cloud based legal practice management software which provides a secured storage of the company’s data so important for your legal practice, including: client and case management, email management, invoicing, file notes, response tracking, document text searching, secured client communication etc.

The essence of this technology is to provide a business solution that allows lawyers to have network infrastructure, applications, and data system located in the cloud. If you have it you don’t need anymore to keep the information on physical supports and you connect via the internet.

how cloud works

Why should Lawyers go to the cloud?
Most likely, many among lawyers are wondering why should they go to the cloud? Why should they change the well-known rules of the game? Because technological trend cannot be wrong. Big players on the market will never bet on something not functional and bringing loss instead of advantages. Here are the most important advantages of using cloud technology for lawyers:

1. Low costs
1.1. No need to buy hardware. Cloud computing saves your money for buying costly hardware. You just can use the free cloud services offered by Google Drive or Dropbox, increase the space in the case you need more, or pay and use a cloud based legal practice management software. Anyway, it is cheaper than all the hardware you need for proper functioning of the law office.
1.2. No costs for software updates. You never have to worry about the timely updates of the soft because your service provider will do it on regular base, including security aspects. So, you will never think about spending time for this issue and can focus on what is really important for you and your team – law practice.
1.3. Premises. One more advantage is saving money for space renting if you take a look at this problem from the angle that you don’t need more space for you own servers’ location.

2. Mobile
With cloud computing and internet connection you can do your job from anywhere. No matter what kind of device you have if your data is in the cloud you have quick access to them from almost all devices. This feature is pretty convenient when lawyers are away from the office, business trips or even on vacation, it keeps you permanently connected to your colleagues and clients in case something important appears.

3. Security
3.1. Information is secured. Cloud computing provides a high security level in terms of data storage. Many companies providing the cloud computing services invested a lot of money and efforts into keeping the clients’ data free of any hacker interference or other type of monitoring and control from third parties. That is why the cloud is likely a lot safer than your own servers.
3.2. Automatic Backup. Undoubtedly, the information is the most important for many companies and their business, in this respect a special attention is paid to protection of the data and avoiding of its permanent loss. In this regard Cloud technology ensures a regular backup, so whenever you make an edit on your computer, it is updated on the cloud, as well.

Other people believe that there is a list of hazards keeping the company’s data in the cloud, as: potential data breaches, compromised credentials and broken authentication, account hijacking, permanent data loss and others. We will approach the issue from this perspective in one of next our blogs in order to have a non-biased approach and analyze the problem from different angles.


One thought on “E-Lawyers go to the Cloud

  1. Lisa Wilson says:

    Hey Team,
    A very well-developed post on e-lawyers cloud.
    The way you explained each point with necessary details and maintained a good balance between theory and practice is really commendable.
    I highly appreciate your hard work for creating this post.
    Thanks a bunch for sharing.

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